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Parfait Ndonda Profile Picture

Parfait N'donda

He made a start training boxing, and took on conditioning work for a UFC fighter ahead of his fight in Macau.

This project lead to a keen interest in doing more conditioning and he discovered CrossFit.

His CrossFit Level 1 certification was completed in Korea, with the higher levels and specializations undertaken in California under CrossFit leaders such as Jason Khalipa, Chris Spealier and Greg Glassman.

He started Guardian Fitness in October 2014, offering personal training, small group training and boot camp classes to busy people in the heart of Hong Kong.

Lisa Galvin - Guardian Fitness Trainer

Lisa Galvin

Lisa Galvin is a Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in weight loss and Weight lifting. She started out as one of Parfait's proteges.

Since childhood she has been enjoying an active lifestyle, cycling through the French countryside, playing tennis and other sports.

In her late teens, Lisa started training in the powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting style which she absolutely fell in love with. Now, while still lifting most of the time, she incorporates different varieties in her workouts such as cardio, endurance, isolation and crossfit moves build a balanced, flexible yet strong body.

As well as hitting the gym, she also participates in amateur competitions, be it Crossfit or Weightlifting.

Lisa believes that the result of a great workout should be about feeling fitter and happier. To achieve this, she takes great care in designing workouts that are challenging yet fun and adapted to the needs of her clients.

Lisa also holds a certificate in Sports Nutrition and uses this knowledge to help her clients achieve their goals, from fat loss to muscle building.

Zubaid Toefy -Guardian Fitness Trainer

Zubaid Toefy

Zubaid moved to Hong Kong from South Africa in 2011 with a background in national level Muay Thai.

Although he also played a lot of soccer, he started coaching Muay Thai with circuit training as a supplement in South Africa and continued in this vein after his move north.

Wanting to a change of training regime from regular body building exercises he moved into CrossFit and has been hooked ever since.

In his free time, he's usually found training ( by himself or torturing others along with him) or stuffing his face with desserts.

As a Guardian Fitness trainer, he's notorious for his metcon circuits.

SJ -Guardian Fitness Trainer

Kharel Sujan (SJ)

As a Personal fitness trainer he has been passionate about fitness since he was a kid, from being around football, rugby, boxing, gym and different sports which has led to his career as a Personal trainer.

Tailoring different fitness program along with diet according to his students goal is crucial as different student requires different goals varying form weight loss, muscle mass improvement, strength training, cardio fitness improvement to even basic general fitness level.

As a Personal trainer he looks forward to his students' motivation as that will be their drive to work harder on their fitness level which will bring them 1 step closer day by day to their fitness goals.

His clients reaching their goals drives him to be a better Personal fitness trainer.

We are more than just your local gym.

Guardian Fitness was started in October 2014 by Parfait N’Donda to help people with demanding lives improve their fitness and health.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients (and between clients), working with you to improve balance in your lives, through greater attention to fitness and health – without going overboard.

We aim to give you a supportive and encouraging workspace, in the form of our studio, to let you focus on:

  • training
  • skill development
  • mental capability development
  • safely pushing the boundaries on your physical limits

The Guardian Fitness trainers are certified in a number of different sports and are here to help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you would like to get stronger, faster, more flexible or get some advice on your nutrition, our team are here to help, and push you to meet those goals. We train people from any background and any fitness level.

We choose our coaches carefully and they are not only experienced, but consistently keep up with the latest techniques and training methods via seminars and workshops.

We’re also committed to the environment and ensure all studio fittings, such as the flooring, meet stringent environmental and performance standards.

Covid-19 Notes:
To better ensure your safety, and the safety of our trainers,
Guardian Fitness periodically sanitizes our equipment and facilities.

All Guardian Fitness Trainers have been vaccinated.

Let's fight the virus together as we believe in social responsibility.
Let's keep Hong Kong safe and Covid free.
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