Younger diet changes could lengthen your life by ten years, according to a study.

July 20, 2022

According to a study published in PLOS Medicine, adding more legumes, whole grains, and nuts to the diets of young adults in the United States could increase their life expectancy by up to ten years. The researchers used a food modeling calculator to estimate life expectancy with a variety of dietary options and discovered that adding those foods specifically and avoiding red and processed meat had the greatest effects for both men and women.

Study Results

Consuming more legumes, which include foods like beans, peas, and lentils, resulted in the biggest improvement. These options offer benefits in terms of nutrition, including soluble fiber, high-quality protein, and micronutrients like iron, calcium, and zinc. According to earlier studies, a Western diet often contains low amounts of fruits and vegetables, high calories, huge portions, too much sugar, and high levels of saturated and trans fats. They also are resistant carbohydrates, which help manage blood sugar.

Important Pivot

Given that the countries currently appears to be heading in the wrong direction, finding solutions to the issue of life expectancy has gained new urgency.  Factors contributing to this decrease included an increase in accidents and unintentional injuries, drug overdoses, homicide, diabetes, chronic liver disease, and cirrhosis. Since the end of World War II, when life expectancy decreased by roughly three years between 1942 and 1943, the loss in life expectancy indicated in the report is the biggest one-year decline.

Making a Shift

Although dietary changes obviously wouldn't have a direct impact on problems like drug overdoses or accidents, they might have a significant impact on chronic diseases like diabetes and liver disease. Although they may have genetic components, diabetes and liver disease are considered lifestyle-related conditions because they are treatable. The latest study omitted sugar recommendations, but excessive added sugar consumption is linked to the growth in fatty liver disease over the past two decades and is also linked to other metabolic issues. In some situations, they can even be reversed by changes like nourishing food.

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