The Enjoyment of Sports and Sports Safety

May 11, 2022

Benefits of Exercise

An accumulation of 30 minutes of physical activities of moderate intensity (can be in sessions of at least 10 minutes each) every day persistently, depending on your physical condition, can bring you the following benefits:

  • strengthening your body immunity, reducing the chance of getting sick and enhancing work efficiency;
  • burning calories to help you maintain a healthy body weight;
  • improving your cardiopulmonary functions and blood circulation;
  • strengthening your muscles and reducing the risk of osteoporosis;
  • enhancing the mobility and flexibility of joints to lower the risk of injuries and falls;
  • reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetes mellitus, and preventing some types of cancer (e.g. colorectal cancer);
  • relieving stress, boosting confidence and improving mental health; and
  • helping you broaden your social circle by participating more in group exercises.

Types of Exercise

Despite our busy life, we should make exercise a habit.  There is a wide range of exercise.  For a start, choose the type of exercise that you find interesting and motivating.  Exercise can be classified into three main categories according to their health benefits.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Exercise
You can try cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, hiking, walking, cycling, jogging, stair climbing, aerobic dance, etc.

Muscle Strengthening Exercise
Weight training exercises such as fitness (multi-gym) and dumbbell lifting can strengthen your muscles and tone your body shape.

Stretching Exercise
Static stretching exercises for different parts of the body can improve the mobility of joints and relax your muscles.

Enjoy Exercise Now

You may enjoy your solitude by doing exercise alone, or get together with your family and friends by participating in sports games. While playing sports outdoors refresh your mind by natural scenery, indoor sports allow you to play anytime you want, forgetting about the weather!

Recreation and Sports Programmes
To get started, you can join one of the recreation and sports programmes organised by the LCSD. Most of them are offered at a nominal fee and some are free for the elderly.

Sports Facilities and Events
There are also a wide range of sports facilities open for the public, including soccer pitches, tennis courts, and badminton courts.

Sports Safety

To get the most out of exercise, you have to take proper measures to ensure your safety and avoid getting hurt.

Before exercising, you should:

  • choose the clothing that is comfortable and suitable for the weather, e.g. clothes made of cotton;
  • wear shoes that are suitable for the exercise and fit properly, especially at the toe and heel;
  • not exercise on an empty stomach or when you are too full;
  • remember to do warm up exercises for around 10 to 15 minutes; and
  • make sure your exercise is suited to your physical strength

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