Tennis Techniques: Advice for Beginners

September 27, 2022

But let's imagine you want to play tennis for the first time in a less formal, more relaxed manner. If you'd rather just volley the ball back and forth with a pal, that's quite acceptable. You'll continue to exercise and gain those related health advantages. Kushnirovich thinks that as a novice, you should have "no expectations" in terms of your skill.

"Tennis should be fun," he says. "I am a strong believer that expectations at any level of play can be crippling."

People of all ages can participate in this type of sport because the level of difficulty can be altered. Let's look at what you ought to know or accomplish before entering the court.

Basic Rules and Terms

Tennis is a game that is played and scored on a court that is divided in half by a net, to stay within the lines of the court. You will get two chances to hit the ball while remaining behind the baseline when it is your turn to serve. One person will serve a ball either overhand or underhand diagonally across the court. One person can play singles or doubles in the sport of tennis (two people on each side).

In most matches, the best two out of three sets rule. The first of six games, known as a set, must be won by a margin of two games for the winner. The definition of scoring is as follows: 15, 30, 40, and GAME. A "deuce" occurs when the score is 40-40; to win in a deuce, a player must win by two points. A rally consists of a combination of forehand and backhand strokes, and a score of zero is referred to as "love." A forehand or backhand stroke is used in a return of serve.

Clothing and Gear

Start out using a tennis racquet that is suitable for your age if you are a beginner. Naturally, younger players will use smaller racquets and lighter balls. You'll need some tennis balls to get started playing, and Kushnirovich advises starting with a "rec-friendly racquet" like the Wilson Clash as an adult. Wilson's US Open tennis ball is Kushnirovich's top choice.

“New players should also wear appropriate tennis shoes that have good ankle support,” he says. Look to these recommendations for men's and women's tennis shoes.

Shorts, skirts, blouses, and dresses should be made of a dry-fit material to be light and comfortable to wear when looking for tennis-ready clothes. Remember to choose clothing with pockets large enough to accommodate two tennis balls. Also, remember to bring tiny towels and drink bottles.

How to Get Started

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is working very hard to increase tennis' accessibility and safety, according to Kushnirovich. Lessons can be a great way to set a foundation if you'd like to pursue tennis further, which is why he suggests using USTA Net Generation, a search engine that will assist you in finding a licensed professional in your region who has completed SafePlay training, USTA's athlete safety program.

Long-term injuries and poor habits can both be prevented with the assistance of an instructor. It's a good approach to learning the game's rules as well.

Where to Play

There is probably somewhere to play tennis close to wherever you live. Local clubs, public courts, or even a high school or middle school are all pretty easy to find where you can play. You also have the choice to practice alone, without a court. To practice rallying, you can hit a tennis ball against a wall or go to a handball court to avoid running after the ball.

Stretches and Injury Prevention

As with any sport, warming up correctly is essential before playing tennis, though working out in the weight room can also be advantageous. These stretches and exercises may include:

  • Quad stretches
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Spine twists
  • Leg raises
  • Lunge and twists
  • Side lunges
  • Reverse flies

You may learn how to perform these stretches and routines on YouTube as well. In addition to warming up, Kushnirovich offers a YouTube video that walks viewers through dynamic warm-up activities for tennis. If you want to avoid injuries, start slowly and stretch after you play.

“The most common reason players get injured is from rushing the warm up, moving and swinging too aggressively as they begin play, or allowing their body to get super stiff after they finish playing by failing to properly stretch afterwards,” Kushnirovich says.

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