Make The Gym a Greener Place

June 10, 2022

Happier and More Productive Gym-Goers

Greenery in the form of indoor plants has been demonstrated to improve an individual's mood and ability to concentrate on studies. Plants not only make you happier; they may also enhance your productivity levels. The fresh look of plants along with the colors they add to any room's decor can help gym-goers feel more comfortable in their surroundings. Background noise can be absorbed by plants, resulting in a sense of calm in any environment. Gym-goers can focus harder on reps and exert greater effort during their workouts.

A Healthier Space for Fitness

Mold and bacteria levels are reduced by indoor plants, which improves air quality. They also remove pollutants like formaldehyde and ammonia, which can be found in a variety of gym equipment (e.g., paper bags, paper towels, and cleaning products). While these are normally harmless, they can make gym-goers sick if they come into touch with them in a building with inadequate ventilation. Fitness centers and gyms are likely to have more mold in the air due to showers, pools, and sauna facilities.
Carbon dioxide is also produced by gym equipment. When more people exercise in a room at the same time, CO2 levels in the air rise even more. Indoor plants purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. According to NASA studies, these plants might eliminate up to 87 percent of air pollutants in just one day. More plants in a room equals more oxygen, which aids gym-goers in their recovery. It also helps to alleviate weariness and mental fogginess.

Bring Plant Power to Your Gym

Effective gyms inspire gym-goers to push themselves further in their training. Make sure you do so with the support of Mother Nature. Begin by introducing air-purifying plants to your workout space. To alleviate weariness and stress, lower air toxicity with the following plants:

  • Dwarf date palm
  • Boston fern
  • Spider plants
  • Weeping fig
  • Broadleaf lady palm
  • Cornstalk dracaena
  • English ivy

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