Kids' Personal Trainers

October 5, 2022

Many worried parents are turning to personal trainers for themselves and their children as a result of rising childhood obesity rates and a decline in physical education classes. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18.5% of children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese as of 2019. Understandably, parents are looking for novel approaches to counter the spreading habit.

Are Personal Trainers for Kids the Solution?

A personal trainer can be a fantastic approach for some kids to develop healthy practices that will last a lifetime, while it may not be the best option for all children. Given that childhood obesity predicts adult obesity with high accuracy, a worried parent would be prudent to promote healthy habits early. It's also a great method for an overweight child to achieve some pretty immediate results and reinforce fitness benefits.

To enhance sports performance and skill training, some parents hire personal trainers for their children. The American Academy of Pediatrics claims that school-aged children can gain strength with low-resistance exercise with light weights and experience little risk of harm.

Is a Personal Trainer Right for Your Child?

In the following situations, a trainer can be useful:

  • Your kid doesn't enjoy team sports
  • Your kid feels embarrassed to try out new sports or activities.
  • You prefer to have your child exercise under supervision because they have some health difficulties.
  • Your youngster indicates an interest in private instruction

What Kind of Personal Trainer Is Best for Children?

A child may not always benefit from working with a personal trainer who only works with adults. The trainer needs to be certified by an organization that is recognized nationwide (NSCA, ACSM, etc.) and have a degree. As a parent, you should be patient and help your child get the most out of the sessions. Children must practice with a trainer two to three times each week for at least eight weeks in order to increase their motor skills, strength, and speed.

It takes time for children to adopt a new lifestyle, so you, your child, and the personal trainer should all have modest and realistic goals. If it matches your needs, go to the first one or two sessions with your child. Make sure you agree with the trainer's concept before asking questions about how they set goals for working with youngsters.

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