In order for low-intensity interval training to be as successful as HIIT, you must exercise for a longer period of time.

June 29, 2022

Given the paucity of evidence, we need to look at studies that have evaluated the effects of performing the same amount of exercise over different times — either short and intense workouts or long and sluggish workouts – to determine whether LIIT works. According to research, high- and low-intensity exercise both appear to reduce body fat by comparable amounts, but higher intensities increased general fitness and blood pressure, suggesting better long-term health advantages. Adults in good health can benefit from both HIIT and long, gradual endurance exercise to increase their aerobic fitness (heart and lung function). Both high-intensity and low-intensity exercise have been shown to have positive effects on heart health, however HIIT often results in greater gains in aerobic fitness. However, because to the intensity of HIIT, research advises giving your body around three days in between sessions to recover. Due to the strong loading required by HIIT, people with bone and joint issues may not find it enjoyable. A heart attack is five times more likely to occur after an HIIT session than after other types of exercise in higher risk cardiac patients, even though HIIT is generally safe for those with heart issues. However, in both healthy individuals and those with health issues, the advantages of any exercise frequently outweigh the hazards.

Slowing down

Due to these factors, LIIT positions itself as a compromise that combines HIIT and conventional endurance training. To make staying active or becoming in shape simpler, interval training with reduced intensity and longer active times is the goal. A LIIT workout may include the same moves as HIIT but would place more emphasis on form than exhaustion and have shorter rest periods between exercises. HIIT focuses on performing explosive, intense movements quickly with long recovery times, such as burpees, sprints, or box jumps until you feel you can no longer do them.

But does LIIT work as well as HIIT? It's unlikely that switching from a short HIIT session to one of a lower intensity will make you more effective unless you extend the session to make up for the intensity loss.
Consider the trade-off between time and intensity. To burn the same number of calories when exercising at a lower intensity, you must exercise for a longer period of time.

Therefore, if your typical HIIT session lasts 10 to 15 minutes, an equivalent LIIT session may need to last 30 minutes to be as effective - and a continuous jogging session may take 60 minutes. If you take this intensity-duration trade off into consideration, the number of calories burned during HIIT, LIIT, or endurance workouts is roughly the same. This has been proven in numerous studies as well as by me personally on live television, where I proved how a sprint of 90 seconds on a bike and a continuous 30 minutes of riding utilized comparable amounts of energy.

All of these workout styles will enhance endurance fitness, a valuable indicator of health, but HIIT is more likely to increase muscle strength. If you engage in HIIT, LIIT, or any other form of endurance training, you should think about including some kind of strength-based resistance training as well because none of the aforementioned exercises targets muscle strength and mass.

The main lesson to be learned is the value of regular exercise for general health. The UK government recommends that adults of all fitness levels engage in 150 minutes of weekly continuous exercise or 75 minutes of weekly intermittent activity. The decision as to whether to workout with HIIT or LIIT is entirely up to you. Try both, and think about switching up your regimen. Exercise is only beneficial when performed consistently, so choosing an activity you enjoy is likely the best form of exercise for you.

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