Exercises for proprioception and balance

October 5, 2022

One of the most frequent ailments suffered by athletes is an ankle sprain. Even while it could be challenging to avoid that lost step, uneven surface, or trip over the curb, if you practice one straightforward exercise, you might be able to escape with only minor damage. While weak lower limbs may occasionally be the cause of sprained ankles, proprioception, or a lack of balance, is more frequently to blame.

A perception of joint position is referred to as "proprioception." A joint that has been sprained lose proprioception. The joint feels flimsy and susceptible to failure. The body can relearn how to control the position of the joint with the use of proprioceptive exercises. These exercises are frequently employed in the rehabilitation of injured athletes, but they can also be used to avoid injuries. Good balance is crucial for runners who encounter modest changes in terrain. Running proprioception exercises can assist runners in safely adjusting their balance to shifting terrain.

Why You Should Care About Balance

Okay, I guess you can't run. Why should balance matter to you? To begin with, it's a fundamental talent needed in almost every sport. The secret to any sport, whether it be soccer, tennis, or rock climbing, is to change your center of gravity to correspond with your movements. The technical term for this is agility. While the beginning of hiking season may necessitate that your entire attention remains focused on the trail to avoid falling, you may notice that after several weeks of hiking you are more confident in your ability to adjust to the terrain by foot feel alone, and you're able to pay less attention to the trail. Your balance also gets better as your kinesthetic coordination grows.

Every movement we make requires kinesthetic awareness, or the capacity to understand where your body parts are in three dimensions. Balance can be developed, tested, and challenged. There are many different types of balance training aids, but the equipment is also an alternative. With little to no fancy equipment, you may just as quickly improve your balance. By presenting ourselves with balance challenges, we can teach our bodies to increase proprioception in the muscles.

You can do this simple workout right away: the one-legged squat and reach. Step forward and touch the ground or a nearby small object while standing on one foot, then rise straight once more. Another activity you can do with a partner is to play catch with a medicine ball while standing on one foot. Utilize balance boards and stability trainers to add more balancing workouts to your training regimen. Both online and in most sports goods stores, you can find them.

The Benefits of Balance

We already know that strong balance can lower your risk of ankle sprain, but it also offers other advantages:

  • More than just equilibrium is at play. Exercises that involve balancing unintentionally tone the lower back, obliques, hips, and thighs.
  • It makes you more coordinated. You can become more coordinated and have faster reaction times by having a good overall balance.
  • It enhances your running form. Running and walking both calls for constant center-of-gravity management by the body.

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