Chronic foot discomfort is not enjoyable. Use this easy procedure to feel better.

July 14, 2022

Mobility exercises frequently concentrate on extending the hamstrings and calves to assist reduce stiffness or discomfort in the ankles and foot. According to research, lower limb disorders like Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the sole tissue, are linked to calf muscle tightness and a reduced range of ankle joint dorsiflexion, movement that takes place when you draw your toes toward your shin. You can perform easy mobility exercises that only target the ankles and the soles of each foot while also engaging your calves. You may perform these exercises while sitting at your desk at work or resting in bed.

This five-move foot and ankle exercise program targets the nearby tendons and muscles to improve flexibility and decrease pain. Static and dynamic stretching can increase your range of motion, according to studies. Therefore, it is essential to include stretches that hold for five to ten seconds as well as those that allow for movement to continue throughout the stretch to improve mobility. Perform this routine once per day, carefully and slowly performing each exercise to improve your range of motion and flexibility around the joints. Keep in mind to move deliberately and slowly as you flex and stretch across the whole range of motion.

Important note: Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor. Stop immediately if you experience pain.

1. Flex and point

Flex the foot upward and straighten the affected leg. Hold for five seconds, then point the toes to stretch the top of the foot by flexing the foot to bring the toes closer to you and toward your shin. Take a five-second hold. Five times through this exercise, switch feet.

2. Balls of the feet: Flexion and extension

This exercise is an amplification of the first exercise's movement. Instead of switching from flexion to extension right away, flex one foot upward, hold for five seconds, and then continue the flex, leading with the ball of your foot extending forward. To return to the flexed posture, release your toes first, and then flex at the ankle. Next, point your toes forward and hold for five seconds. After five repetitions, swap feet.

3. Clock circles

Flex your foot upward whether seated or lying down. The  position is what it is known as. After that, externally rotate the ankle so that you point the 12 o'clock foot to the right and move toward 12 o'clock. Move counterclockwise around to the right until you point down to 6 o'clock, and then start internally rotating so that you point the foot to the left and move toward 7 o'clock back up to flex at 12 o'clock. After five times of repetitions, rotate five times counterclockwise.
Next, alternate feet.

4. Ankle rotation

Extend one leg out in front of you. After rotating the foot externally out to the side for five seconds, turn the foot internally in the opposite direction toward the midline of your body. Give a few more times, then switch legs.

5. Toe curls

Let both feet feel at ease. Then picture yourself attempting to crumple up and pick up a piece of clothing with your feet that are lying on the ground. Each of your ten toes should be tightly curled. Let go and unwind your feet. To loosen up and strengthen your feet, ankles, and calves, repeat this exercise program 10 times. You can do it every day or a few times per week. And when performing these stretches, remember to take your time. Do not hurry!

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