10 Exercises to Burn 100 Calories

October 5, 2022

Your choice of activities may change according to your time constraints, what you feel your body requires on any given day, the weather, and other factors. There are no right or wrong answers in this situation. Just a few options to accomplish the same objective: to start moving.

Your weight, sex, age, body composition, and other factors will all affect the precise number of calories your body will burn while engaging in these activities. As a result, everyone's rate is different. The calorie totals presented in this article are for a 150-pound woman to keep things simple. For a more accurate figure, you can figure out your calorie burn rate.

How to Burn 100 Calories

You may learn more about how to burn 100 calories below, including:

  1. Stair climbing for 10 minutes
  2. 30 minutes of yoga
  3. Take a 30-minute stroll
  4. Work standing up as opposed to sitting down.
  5. 7 minutes of jumping rope.
  6. For 30 minutes, dance.
  7. Perform challenging tasks for 30 minutes.
  8. Take a 15-minute hike
  9. Do a mile in 10 minutes.
  10. About 25 minutes, a garden

Climb Stairs

Whether you're at work, at home, or even at a hotel while traveling, there is nearly always a staircase nearby. Just ten minutes of stair walking will burn 100 calories. It is associated with a decline in disease as well. You'll also develop powerful legs. Your lower body muscles will be shaped as a result of stair climbing. There are advantages to going downstairs too!

Stretch and Relax

For 30 minutes, you can stretch, unwind, or practice some simple yoga poses to burn roughly 100 calories. Additionally, you aid in extending your joints' range of motion, reduce stress, and it might enhance the quality of your sleep.

Walk and Talk

Take calls when you're on the move when you can. During business calls, you can even get up and pace around your workplace. For a daily 100-calorie burn, do this during two calls that are each 15 minutes long. To see how much further you can go, wear a fitness tracker.

Stand Up

For every 10 minutes spent standing at the office as opposed to sitting, you burn an additional 10 calories. The good news is that you can profit from it even if you don't have a standing desk. Ask your coworkers if you can arrange meetings outside of the conference room where people can attend while standing. Take the meeting outside and work through business issues as you walk. Additionally, you can stand up more at home, such as while reading or watching TV. All of it adds up!

Jump Rope

Jump rope if you need to burn calories quickly. Seven minutes of jumping is all it takes to burn 100 calories. At the same time, you'll increase coordination and strengthen your lower legs. Can't jump for a continuous seven minutes? Make progress toward it. Keep a jump rope close by so you may exercise anyplace you have adequate space, including your living room, driveway, and backyard. So you can jump rope at the park, have one in your car.

Get Active

Have a spontaneous dance party whether you're with friends or family at home. A casual 30-minute dance party burns roughly 165 calories. It might also burn calories to play more vigorous games with your grandchildren or children. Play hide-and-seek, pass a beach ball or balloon without letting it touch the ground, or try hula hooping.

Tidy Up

You have a home to clean. Unbelievable as it may seem, cleaning the house can be a good workout. An average 30-minute cleaning session burns roughly 100 calories. Want to burn some more calories? To burn more calories when you clean, switch up your chores. Simple chores like vacuuming and dusting can be transformed into strength-training routines.

Take a Hike

Who needs a reason to spend time outside? Take to the hills in your hiking boots to burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. Due to the difference in topography, hiking burns more calories than walking. Your leg muscles have to work harder to move you ahead when you're hiking up a hill or on shaky terrain, and your core muscles have to work harder to keep you stable. The outcome? More caloric expenditure. If there isn't a trail nearby, 20 minutes of brisk walking will also burn 100 calories.


Running is the quickest way to burn 100 calories. And anyone can burn fat; you don't need to be a sprinter or marathoner. Burn 100 calories by running a mile in 10 minutes. If you aren't yet ready to run a mile, consider run/walk intervals to increase your stamina while losing weight.


You're good with plants. Use it to your advantage! For every 25 minutes you spend digging, weeding, and planting a garden, 100 calories are burned. The added benefit is that you can appreciate nature while creating a lovely garden and perhaps even growing a few nutritious foods.

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