Lisa Galvin

Lisa Galvin

Hi, Im Lisa Galvin. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in Fat Loss and Weight lifting. Since childhood I have been enjoying an active lifestyle, cycling through the French countryside, playing tennis and other sports. In my late teens I started training in the powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting style which I absolutely fell in love with. Now, while still lifting most of the time, I incorporate variety in my workouts such as cardio, endurance, isolation and crossfit moves build a balanced, flexible yet strong body. As well as hitting the gym, I also participate in amateur competitions, be it Crossfit or Weightlifting.

I believe that the result of a great workout should be about feeling fitter and happier. To achieve this, I take great care in designing workouts that are challenging yet fun and adapted to the needs of my clients.

I also hold a certificate in Sports Nutrition and use this knowledge to help my clients achieve their goals. From fat loss to muscle building.

What I love: working out (duh!), cats, food and wine, reading in the sun.

Outside of the gym you will find me: walking around Hong Kong streets, skating, and watching a crime drama with my husband and cats.

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