About Us

Guardian Fitness was started in October 2014 by Parfait N’Donda to help people with demanding lives improve their fitness and health.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients (and between clients), working with you to improve balance in your lives, through greater attention to fitness and health – without going overboard.

We aim to give you a supportive and encouraging workspace, in the form of our studio, to let you focus on:

  • training,
  • skill development,
  • mental capability development,
  • safely pushing the boundaries on your physical limits.

The Guardian Fitness trainers are certified in a number of different sports and are here to help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you would like to get stronger, faster, more flexible or get some advice on your nutrition, our team are here to help, and push you to meet those goals. We train people from any background and any fitness level.

We choose our coaches carefully and they are not only experienced, but consistently keep up with the latest techniques and training methods via seminars and workshops.

We’re also committed to the environment and ensure all studio fittings, such as the flooring, meet stringent environmental and performance standards.

Guardian Fitness HK