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Personal Training

Our personal training programmes are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We can work with you to: improve y...

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Boot Camp

Boot camp is an outdoor, group-based training activity, focusing on functional and fun exercises to increase fitness and...

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We work with you to create a custom meal plan with weekly adjustments. The meal plan tracks your calorie and nutrition i...

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Parfait N’Donda

Parfait is the founder of Guardian Fitness HK, providin

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Zubaid Toefy

Zubaid moved to Hong Kong from South Africa in 2011 wit


I met Parfait when i was a recovering investment banker who stepped into a gym maybe twice a year… Parfait got me my first strict pull up… and then my next unbroken 10. I never touched a bar bell before and now I can’t imagine training without weights. Thanks for the transformation and results— and for not giving up on me!

Kitty Lee

Guardian Fitness HK